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Engineered Fire Systems, Inc. has spent hundreds of hours producing, what we feel is, the best fire protection symbol library available. Specials Menu

All of the fire protection symbols are arranged in a custom fittings menu that is added to the AutoCAD® menu bar (this menu is also compatible with add-on programs). The fittings menu provides easy access to all of the drawing blocks allowing high quality details to be quickly produced.

The symbol library contains hundreds of high quality double lined details in a full range of sizes. All blocks are drawn to scale allowing for very accurate details. These drawing blocks will give you the tools you need to quickly produce the fire sprinkler details you have always wanted.

Grooved Fittings Menu

This library provides flanged details in sizes 3" to 10" in a full array of orientations (fitting looking up, down, and on side). The library is extenstive providing flanged details including: elbows, tees, check valves, gate valves, wafer butterfly valves, wafer check valves, concentric reducers, and eccentric reducers.

The grooved details range in sizes from 1" to 12" also in all orientations. The grooved blocks include: couplings, elbows (90°, 45°, and 22˝°), tees, crosses, flanges, check valves, and butterfly valves.

Fire pump and jockey pump blocks are provided along with all the accessories required to completely detail a pump room. Some of the accessories provided are: pressure relief valves, hose headers, waste cones, test meters, and pipe stands.

The block library and menu come on two formats compatable with either AutoCAD 14 or 2000, 2000i, and 2002. Several of the details in this library are shown below

Sample Details

Fire Protection Symbol Library

AutoCAD 14
AutoCAD 2000, 2000i, and 2002

(+ tax) and $5.00 for shipping and handling.

Next day shipping is also available.
Call our order line at 530-274-9400 (7:00 am to 5:00 pm PDT).

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