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Project Listing

Over the past 30 years, Engineered Fire Systems, Inc. has completed over 18,000 projects around the world. The following lists contain some of our larger or more challenging projects.

Apartments and Condominiums

  • Bay Center Apartments, California
  • Holiday Towers, Guam
  • Kulanui Hale Condos, Hawaii
  • Marin Towers, Hawaii
  • Marina Heights, Saipan
  • Onward Apartments, Guam
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Hotels and Resorts

  • Black Angus Hotel, Alaska
  • Executive Suites, California
  • Flamingo Hilton, Nevada
  • Fleet Support Hospital, Guam
  • Grand Hotel, Guam
  • Hyatt Regency, Saipan
  • Hyatt Regency, Guam
  • Onward Agana Hotel, Guam
  • Sandcastle Hotel, Guam
  • Sunnyside Resort, California
  • The Lodge at Depot Bay, Oregon
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Hospitals and Clinics

  • Albany Medical Clinic, Oregon
  • Guam Memorial Hospital, Guam
  • Napa State Hospital, California
  • Naval Hospital, Guam
  • North Hawaii Community Hospital, Hawaii
  • Saint Francis Medical Center, Hawaii
  • Veterans Hospital, California
  • Washington Hospital, California
  • Valley Care Hospital, California
  • Kona Hospital, Hawaii
  • Tripler Hospital, Hawaii
  • Chinese Hospital, California
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Shopping Centers

  • Duty Free Galleria, Guam
  • Fashion Fair, California
  • Guhan Trading Center, Guam
  • Japan Plaza, Guam
  • Kaahumanu Mall, Hawaii
  • Saipan Tropical Shopping Center, Saipan
  • Waikele Shopping Center, Hawaii
  • Neiman Marcus, Hawaii
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Business Parks

  • Bank of Hawaii - Financial Plaza, Hawaii
  • Bank of Hawaii - Plaza, Hawaii
  • Century II Towers, California
  • Denali Building, Alaska
  • Dowe Business Park, California
  • Lake Merritt Tower, California
  • North Lincoln Business Park, Colorado
  • Tudor Business Center, Alaska
  • Kapolei Medical Park, Hawaii
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  • Alhambra High School, California
  • McCullough Building at Stanford University, California
  • Meade River School, Alaska
  • Sierra Nevada College, Nevada
  • Southern High School, Guam
  • Tumwater High School, Washington
  • University of California Santa Barbara, California
  • Kauai Community College, Kauai
  • Grace Christian School, Alaska
  • Kamiak High School, Washington
  • Sultan Elementary School, Washington
  • Chimican School, Washington
  • Millville Elementary School, California
  • Dominican College, California
  • San Francisco School, California
  • Hercules Middle/High School, California
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Historic Buildings

  • Campbell Historic House and Museum, California
  • Patterson Historic House, California
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Commercial Projects

  • Bank of Hawaii, Saipan
  • Basic Warehouse, Saipan
  • Costco Warehouse, California
  • Cray Research, California
  • Ecosort, Oregon
  • FSM Telecom, Pohn Pei
  • Genentech, California
  • Golden Gate Fields, California
  • Guam International Country Club, Guam
  • Guam Industrial Building, Guam
  • Hawaii Convention Center, Hawaii
  • Home Depot, California
  • Jarvis Vineyards, California
  • Medical Warehouse, Philippines
  • Micron, Utah
  • Ms. Smiths Cold Storage, California
  • Skalli Winery, California
  • Village Day Care Center, Alaska
  • Waste Sampling Building, Washington
  • Western Pulp Products, Oregon
  • Motorola, China
  • San Francisco Civic Center, California
  • Oakland Coliseum Remodel, California
  • Magic of Polynesia Theater, Hawaii
  • Gap Distribution Center, California
  • Bayside Towers, California
  • AeroJet, California
  • United Methodist Church, California
  • PeopleSoft, California
  • Kapolei Civic Center, Hawaii
  • Salinas Auto Mall, California
  • Stag's Leap Wine Cellars, California
  • Mililani 14 plex Theater, Hawaii
  • Pleasant Grove Church, California
  • Glad Tidings Church, California
  • Acend Communications, California
  • Seattle Coffee Company, Washington
  • Domincan Sisters Convent, California
  • Odd Fellows Home, California
  • Fresno Cinemas, California
  • Berkeley Repertory Theater, California
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Government Projects

  • BEQ Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
  • Camp Smith Building 4, Hawaii
  • Department of Corrections, Colorado
  • Department of Corrections, Guam
  • DRMO, Hawaii
  • Karswell AFB, Texas
  • Mecklenburg County Jail, North Carolina
  • Mission Control Center, Nevada
  • National Wind Technology Center, Colorado
  • Pearl Harbor Building 226, Hawaii
  • Weapons Facility, California
  • Waiawa Correctional Facility, Hawaii
  • Camp Covington, Guam
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Specialized Projects

  • Building 17-100 Preaction System, Guam
  • Cooling Towers, California
  • Guadalupe Light Rail System, California
  • Hazardous Waste Building, California
  • Lockheed #076 Halon System, California
  • Makai Pier, Hawaii
  • Orote Power Plant, Guam
  • Saint Innocent Cathedral, Alaska
  • Willard Products AFFF System, California
  • 911 Comunications Center, California
  • Chabot Observatory, California
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