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Since 1985 Engineered Fire Systems, Inc. (EFS) has been producing fire sprinkler drawings for contractors, developers, architects, and building owners. EFS also provides plan review and inspection services to Fire and Building Departments. In addition to these services EFS provides customized training in plan review, fire sprinkler hydraulics, and system design.

The company is divided into specialized departments in order to best serve the varied needs of our customers. We have two sprinkler design divisions, one focusing on commercial and the other on residential. Our plan review department has over 40 years of experience. Our seminars are considered some of the most comprehensive in the industry.

Our commercial projects range from a basic tenant improvement to a complex special hazard system, from wet to foam, and everything between. Our residential department has experience from the most basic track home to a rambling 50,000 square foot estate. We have designed in all environments and can easily design a wet, dry, pre-action, or anti-freeze system to meet the project conditions. These systems can be supplied from a public water supply or a tank, well, and pump system as needed. We could even design a pressure vessel or nitrogen system if there are power concerns.

Our designers are NICET certified (levels III and IV) with a FPE on staff. All drawings are produced in AutoCAD® using a fire design program developed in-house. Hydraulic calculations are performed using HASS®. Stocklists are provided in HydraLIST format. All project files can be shipped UPS, emailed, or downloaded from our Customer Center.

We offer one of the most comprehensive and qualified fire protection plan review services in the industry. We are completely versed in the national and state fire and building codes and can quickly learn any specialized local requirements. Our reviews are based on these established codes. We make a special effort to review all documents on the first submittal. This approach decreases the amount of re-submittals and could allow a contractor to obtain approved drawings on the second submittal.

With the residential fire sprinkler system requirement of the IRC going into effect on January 1st 2011, we have been busy teaching Fire and Building Departments how to properly review and inspect these systems. We offer a ˝ day introduction class and a 2 day comprehensive review class.

NFPA Member NICET Certified Designers

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